We believe it is our duty to ensure the development of luxury prestige homes are not only conducted responsibly, but also with consideration for long term contributions to environmental matters.

At Omnicrest we make every effort to not only conform to, but seek to exceed, all the guidelines for the responsible development of new properties throughout every stage of the design, planning and construction of your new home.

From the outset, we follow an enhanced ecology philosophy with rigorous ecological assessments of our site prior to our development to ensure we improve the habitat as a result of our work. This informs our planting policies and other habitat enhancements to attract more species than before we started.

Through every aspect of our building process we are fully compliant with the high standards set by the NHBC. Our commitment to this delivers – sustainable drainage applications including, surface water attenuation to capture and re-use rainwater where possible and minimise run-off.

We only use energy efficient system boilers and hot water storage systems, while our appliances are high specification yet highly responsible. We seek to install the highest rated white goods applicable to the project.

We embrace new technologies and innovations to ensure we provide homes that balance luxury and indulgence with responsibility.

The use of photovoltaic cells capture the sun’s energy and convert it to electricity to further contribute to the overall efficiency of our properties.